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There’s something primal about fire. We’re drawn to its glow and its warmth. Whether it’s a crackling campfire, a roaring bonfire, or an innovative fire feature, it speaks to community, connection, and memories new and old. No wonder, then, that Omaha area homeowners turn to Breaking Ground for fire features they can incorporate into their residential landscape designs.

Types of Fire Features

When most homeowners think of fire features, they think of the humble fire pit, perhaps a portable store-bought pit.

Why stop there?

Fire features can be much more. While it’s certainly possible to scale up the humble fire pit, incorporating seating and other hardscaping features, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, bowls, columns, and fire tables are all growing in popularity, using either gas or wood, and natural or engineered stone. If you’re feeling especially bold, there are also some striking ways to combine fire features with water features.

Benefits of Fire Features

Besides the calming effect of its light and heat, a fire feature brings other benefits to your yard as well. That heat can also extend the amount of use you get out of outdoor spaces, since it can keep you and your guests warm outdoors when the spring chill hasn’t left the air, or when the glow of the flames is the perfect compliment to the blaze of color in autumn leaves.

Like water features and other forms of hardscaping, fire features can be scaled to your architecture and property. We can also suggest locations that help you get more out of forgotten corners of your yard, creating niches that let people congregate and keep certain areas from getting congested when you entertain. The surround can be built with seating and other features, allowing you to create what is effectively a “room” or separate zone in your outdoor space. Put it all together and you have a solution to enable indoor-outdoor living whether you’re building with an eye toward curb appeal, or simply increasing your enjoyment while you stay put.

Fire Feature Design

Since you’re dealing with open flames in close proximity to people and structures, safety is a concern. It’s also worth noting that certain uses — such as an outdoor pizza oven, or a feature that combines fire and water — will bring with them certain location, plumbing, and design concerns. In other words, this is work that’s best approached with experience and a sure hand, rather than being figured out on the fly.

Fire Feature Construction

Skip the DIY approach, we’ve seen the results of that handiwork up close, and we’re better aware than most of its limitations. It’s the reason many homeowners in the greater Omaha area come to Breaking Ground when they realize their efforts have fallen short, or that it’s time to make a bigger statement.

As we’ve already seen, fire features are more than fire pits. To realize the full potential of your project — taking it from vision to reality — requires imagination, skill, the right tools, and the right people. That isn’t something you’ll find at your local big box building supply store; it’s something you’ll only get with experience, and that’s what you’ll get when you contact us.