Winter Favorites: 9 Stunning Shrubs and Trees

The dreary depths of winter can make the landscape feel void and desolate. But it is also one of the longest seasons of the year. So why put the garden completely to bed when you could have brilliant foliage and textures? Here we share 9 of our favorite winter trees and shrubs that shine brightest Read More

Winter Newsletter 2017

Greetings! Hope you are having a wonderful winter season. Enclosed in the winter newsletter are articles on some of our favorite winter grasses, some diseases to be on the lookout for and how to balance icy winter conditions with the health of your patio or walkway. We would love feedback, Enjoy!  

Winter Paver Care: How does Ice melt affect my Pavers?

Icy Nebraska winters can make navigating concrete and pavers dangerous. Ice-melt chemicals may make the surface less daunting, but can also be toxic to your patio, pets and landscape. Here we provide tips for balancing safety with the long-term health of your hardscape and plantings.   How do ice-melt (including rock salts) damage pavers and Read More

Fall Landscape Tips and Checklist

Leaves are dropping, flowers are fading, and the weather is changing rapidly. It’s fall in Omaha again. And as morning dew turns to frost, it is not only a time to clean up the landscape, it’s time to prepare it for the next season. Here are 12 quick tips for ensuring your landscape remains healthy Read More

Getting Your Landscape Ready For Spring

Getting Your Landscape Ready For Spring A great time of year to start the spring clean-up in your landscape is mid-March. At this time, plants have made it through most of winter, but because of soil temperatures, have not come out of dormancy. It is by far, easier and cost effective to cut back all Read More

Best Value Pavers vs Concrete vs Decking

What is the best value for your patio? Are you looking to install a new patio? Or are you looking to replace an existing patio or deck that has come to the end of its serviceable life span? If so, you are in good company. A patio is a versatile amenity that has become much Read More

New Landscaping Care

New Landscaping Care Your new landscaping is a growing investment. Take care of this investment by putting in the necessary time and materials needed to get your new landscaping off to a healthy start.  The following are some guidelines to help make sure that your plants are receiving adequate care: Watering: Hand watering is critical Read More

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