Landscape Design

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Some landscape designs are clearly planned out. A Colonial Revival garden or the Gardens of Versailles, for instance, have a disciplined geometry that stands the test of time. But even those whose tastes run to a more organic and naturalistic look, like that found in many Japanese and English gardens, can benefit from the sure hand of an experienced landscape designer. While Breaking Ground offers a wide range of landscaping services to the Omaha area, each have at least one thing in common: your project’s landscape design is at the foundation of everything we do.

Our Residential Landscape Services

Naturally, what we design goes hand-in-hand with how we build the project. . Our experienced in-house crews install most of the features we design with the close supervision of the designer. We also partner and coordinate with trusted specialty contractors for design elements that we don’t install ourselves.

  • Driveways, Paths and Patios
  • Fire Features
  • Water Features
  • Fountains
  • Swimming Pool Design
  • Landscape Lighting Design Services
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Planting Plans
  • Aftercare (Plant and Bed Maintenance)

Our Approach

As we’ve previously mentioned, our design services tie together the many services we offer. There’s a reason for this: consistency matters. There’s a fine line between a landscape that looks like it naturally evolved to fit your home, and one that’s “wonky” or haphazard. The former is something to treasure, while the latter is something we avoid at all costs. The reason so many Omaha homeowners have come to trust and rely on Breaking Ground is that we take a comprehensive approach that covers every phase of your project and leaves nothing to chance.

There’s another reason that design is so important to our process. We are firmly committed to landscape ecology and sustainability. Project features like durability, drought resistant planting, local sourcing, and more are most effective when they’re planned from the earliest stages of your project.

Our People

What makes Breaking Ground uniquely qualified as Omaha residential landscape designers? This is our home — not just the company, but the people behind it. Cyndy Corrigan is one of the premier designers in the Omaha area. She has a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design that’s backed by more than 18 years experience designing some of the most unique landscapes in our area. That knowledge, experience, and passion is a significant part of what sets us apart from our competitors, who may know lawn maintenance or hardscaping, but who don’t share Cyndy’s knowledge and deep love for plants.

Our operations director, Mike Corrigan draws on his 30+ years of experience in the construction and utility industries. He manages the crews and coordinates equipment and materials ensuring that your project is completed efficiently. His experience and calm demeanor allow him to take on the wide variety of challenges that are a natural part of this business.

The rest of our team brings their own unique strengths and experiences to bear as well. Three of our four crew leaders have been with us for more than ten years, and the fourth has been with us for five years. They know and uphold our values and high standards on every project we do. We know the difference that makes, but more importantly, so do our clients; they see the beautiful results surrounding their homes day after day! For help making your vision a reality, contact us for a consultation today.