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Water soothes the soul. That’s why more and more homeowners are opting for water features. Whether your idea of a water feature is a small store-bought fountain, or if you’re daring to dream bigger, it’s time to unleash your creativity with the help of Breaking Ground.

Types of Water Features

There are many types of water features. They can be modest accents, or bold statement pieces. Larger properties can benefit from an engineered creek or waterfall. A pond or reflecting pool can be the centerpiece of a medium-sized property. But even if your yard is tiny, a fountain or bubbling rock can punctuate your space with a small oasis of calm.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that many of these features can be scaled to match your home’s architecture, your existing landscape, and your needs. That’s allowed many homeowners with whom we’ve worked to take a highly personalized and eclectic approach.

Benefits of Water Features

Some believe that running water brings wealth. Even if you’re a feng shui skeptic, there are plenty of other benefits to be derived from water features. They soothe and calm. They improve air quality, and cool the air in summer. Running water acts as natural noise reduction. And with these benefits, it’s no wonder that they also build curb appeal and property value.

There’s something else to bear in mind: a single water feature doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Given the trend to make outdoor spaces somewhat more like indoor spaces — a series of zones or outdoor “rooms”, each with its own look and feel — water features can anchor individual spaces, combine with pools and seat walls, or provide transitions from one space to another so that the space has a logical and organic flow.

Water Feature Design

Getting the full benefits of a residential water feature means proper design is paramount. Among the considerations in play are the existing landscape, infrastructure like plumbing and electrical, a seamless installation, and a proper sense of scale so that any water feature you choose — be it a reflecting pool, a water wall, or a bubbling rock, looks as though it’s always belonged where it is. We also follow sustainable design principles to limit wasted water and energy.

Water Feature Installation

While the design process is important, so too is your choice of hardscaping professionals. Breaking Ground is a family affair. Owner and operations director Mike Corrigan, co-owner and senior landscape designer/horticulturist Cyndy Corrigan bring to bear many years’ worth of creativity shaped by experience.

That’s not all that sets us apart. We’re not a mowing company that does landscaping; we specialize in landscape design and hardscaping. We take pride in our experienced in-house team and long term relationships with specialty contractors. Because of this we source materials based on the needs of the project at hand rather than limiting homeowners to a limited number of stock materials, we have a higher degree of flexibility than many of our competitors. Because of this, the only true limit to your project is your imagination. The water feature you want starts with a free consultation, so why not call us today?