Modern Landscape Lake Home

This family moved into a contemporary new build home and they were looking for a landscape that would compliment the home and reflect their modern style. The entry needed a wow factor and they wanted to create an inviting entertainment space to the rear lakeside of the home.

Working with the existing newly poured concrete we carefully cut out a portion of the sidewalk and created a modern circular landing. The use of two types of linear pavers with subtle color contrast enhanced the modern look of the home and a combination of stone and mulch with masses of grasses and native flowers soften the edges.

The access to the backyard was a grassy slope on each side of the home. Off the driveway we built a Silverstone natural stone walkway with easy landings between stone steps and a flagstone walkway to a lower concrete patio. Working with this existing concrete patio we cut out and removed a portion of the concrete and installed a modern square fire feature and two custom seat walls to create an inviting space to entertain while looking out over the lake. The landscape was completed with low voltage lighting, linear bed lines, masses of grasses, native flowers and unique trees that created focal points, screening and overstory.