Cyndy Corrigan of Breaking Ground Landscape Design

Cyndy Corrigan

Landscape Designer/Horticulturist/Owner

Cyndy joined Breaking Ground in 2001. Her passion for plants and gardening is rooted in her childhood days playing in her grandparent’s greenhouse and floral shop in Oakley, Kansas and inspired her to earn her Horticulture/Landscape Design degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “I can still smell the musty, earthiness and feel the moist heat of my grandparent’s glass greenhouse in the middle of winter. My parents, also with green thumbs, kept a beautiful flower, fruit and vegetable garden so this was a constant in my life. I’m a plant geek and I love being out in the natural world.”
Cyndy’s hands-on experience includes of over fifteen years listening, researching, drawing and creating unique landscapes for valued clients that trust her to make them an outdoor space of their own. “I was raised a collector. I love antiques and the idea of history, quality, craftsmanship, longevity and great design. What I love most is that I can wrap all of these things up into a Landscape Design for others to enjoy.”

The gardens Cyndy creates grow better with age, becoming even more yours over time. “I love how it begins to paint its own story spreading around with a mind of its own. What’s really rewarding for me is creating a space that brings clients outdoors to enjoy a beautiful, functional space making fond memories and a history of its own.” In 2013 Cyndy and her husband, Mike, purchased Breaking Ground through their parent company Oakley Roots (an homage to her grandparents’ greenhouse).