Pool Design in Omaha: the Breaking Ground Approach

From the public baths of Ancient Rome to the present day, humankind has turned to water features to socialize, soothe, relax, and rejuvenate. These days, most Omaha homeowners turn to a swimming pool instead of a full-fledged Roman bath. The pool design service offered by Breaking Ground is no less important for that, especially given our unique approach to the process.

Pool Type

Regardless of their shape and size, all pools can be generalized as one of two types. A freeboard pool, sometimes called a skimmer pool, is a design with which many of us are familiar; the water depth stops about six inches from deck level, and relies on a skimmer that handles contaminants as water is displaced.

An overflow pool, on the other hand, keeps water more or less flush with deck level, creating a sleek contemporary look. It relies on a balance tank, which creates water displacement, continually regulating water levels and filtering a much higher volume of water. Because of this, an overflow pool can be more effective at removing and treating contaminants, and tends to require a bit less maintenance.

Proper Location

Before we’ve chosen a size and style for your pool, there are other pool design considerations that need to be addressed. The pool, pool decking and landscape plantings all need to be situated within your landscape. Building codes mandate a set distance from your home as well as;

  • Safety and security
  • Privacy
  • Water table depth
  • Drainage and site grading
  • Surrounding landscape

At times, what we find during your site evaluation will impact other considerations further down this list.

Creative Design Features

Now that we have the location of your pool landscape, the creative is then produced. We design your pool with entertaining features to keep it fun and functional. We know that you want to keep your guests entertained, that is why we can incorporate the following features into our pool designs;

  • Volleyball net
  • Slides
  • Diving board
  • Basketball hoops
  • and more

Materials Used

Having considered the many technical concerns behind your pool design, we finally get to have some fun with the materials chosen to build, finish, and surround your pool. Even here, however, there’s a fair amount of forethought before we begin sourcing materials and installing. Among the items we’ll be taking into consideration:

  • The materials we choose need to be practical and safe, but should also compliment your surrounding landscape and architecture, so that your pool is a natural extension of your home and its setting.
  • The climate of Omaha plays its part as well, since our designs need to be practical for the high heat of summer, but capable of handling the deep freeze of Nebraska winters.
  • The amount of time you can realistically devote to pool maintenance is an important consideration, since different materials require differing degrees of cleaning and maintenance.

The many items and concerns that factor into backyard pool designs may surprise homeowners. They should not discourage you from having a pool designed and installed, but they do underscore the importance of finding a company with the expertise to complete the job successfully. In the Omaha area, Breaking Ground is that company. Contact us today for a swimming pool design consultation.

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