Landscape Construction for Your New Home

Whether you’re building a new home, or renovating a house you’ve called home for decades, landscape design is a key part of the process. After all, you’re not just working on a structure. It’s an investment, and it deserves a great setting, a lush and verdant frame that highlights the work you’ve done. As with any home project, the better you understand landscape construction in Omaha, the better you can choose the right landscape contractor and avoid the potential pitfalls in the process.

The Plan

In much the same way that home construction starts with a blueprint, so too does Omaha landscape design and construction. The earlier we’re involved in the project, the better. To begin with, we’ll want to coordinate with your other contractors. This is partly to ensure that nobody is in anyone else’s way, but there’s another reason as well: our work, especially with regard to site preparation, may have much different needs than what the contractors are doing. Having to redo work that one contractor or another has done (or undone) can be counterproductive for everyone involved.

Your project schedule may also vary depending on site plan and permit requirements, potential weather or the availability of the plants and materials we’re using. A longer lead time can ensure smoother operations and just-in-time delivery of the essentials.

The Process

Home owners or property managers may have a general idea of their properties landscaping possibilities and what they would like to accomplish with the project, such as a homeowners desire to be outside more or to make a more inviting entry to a commercial property. Thoughtful landscape development involves understanding, designing and creating landscape features that result in a unique project that reflects the preference of the owner, the activities of the users and the function of the site.

Once the project has been defined, a design agreed upon, and the contract signed, the details of the project are laid out so the property owner knows what to expect. While protecting and preserving existing features, we begin site preparation with demolition and rework the grade to manage the environmental aspect of the site. We prep areas for installation of hardscaping, from patios and walkways to water features, fire features, and decks. As the project develops we pay close attention to the details and soften the hardscapes with landscape plantings and landscape lighting. We are perfectionists about our work and we want to ensure it’s perfect down to the last detail.

What To Expect As We Work

Similar to building a new home or remodeling your existing home, your Omaha landscape building process should be exciting, not unnerving. We do our best to work quickly and efficiently, keeping the interruptions to your daily routine minimal. Working with Breaking Ground ensures a landscape that you, your friends, and family will enjoy for many years to come.

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